Dr. D.D. Verma

Cataract and Refractive Surgery


Meet our director

DD Eye institute was established by Dr DD verma in the year 1993 with the aim of providing quality eye care services in Rajasthan as well as the neighbouring states of UP & MP. It has been running for almost two decades with a proven track record of excellent service and pioneering work on treatment of eye diseases and most advanced eye surgeries. It has many firsts to its credit.

DD verma has started Rajasthan’s First Sutureless Cataract operation by Phacoemulsification tech, Foldable lens Implantation, Topical Phaco, Multifocal lens Implantation, Removal of Spects by Lasik laser, Toric lens Implantation, Diagnosis & treatment of Glaucoma & Retinal Disease by O.C.T. Accommodative lens Implantation, American Acurus vitrectomy machine for vitrectomy & lensectomy, I.C.L lens Implantation (For removal of high number spects).

Dr. D.D. Verma - MD(AIIMS)
Director & Chairman
Visiting Asst. Prof.
Buffalo University,New York

Dr.Umesh Chittora

Comprehensive Ophthalmologist

Dr. Anil Verma

Vireo- Retina Surgeon

Dr.Suvarna Balankhe

Ophthalmologist & Strabismologist

Dr. Ankit Harwani

Long Term Fellow
Cornea and Anterior Segment

Dr. priyanka

Long Term Fellow
Cornea and Anterior Segment

Dr. Renu

Long Term Fellow
Cornea and Anterior Segment

Dr Sourabh Bothra

Cornea and Anterior Segment

Dr Shivani Garg

Cornea and Anterior Segment

Dr Shairin

Cornea and Anterior Segment